Rescheduling 19,000 euros – finally only 1 rate pay

Anyone who raised a large loan a few years ago had to pay significantly more interest than would be due these days. Often, therefore, a rescheduling 19000 euro credit volume is sought.

It is a classic sum for a new car, an existing residual debt of a real estate financing or for a loan for renovation work. We will show you the conditions that you can expect during a rescheduling 19,000 euros in height with a term of 84 months (7 years) and 120 months (10 years).

Rescheduling 19,000 euros loan with 84 months maturity

Rescheduling 19,000 euros loan with 84 months maturity

For rescheduling 19000 Euro (maturity of 7 years), the Bankcot offers the best offer. You may calculate with the best possible annual percentage rate of 1.95 percent with a monthly rate of 242.02 euros.

Rescheduling 19,000 euros – fast – cheap – convenient

Rescheduling 19,000 euros - fast - cheap - convenient

If your credit rating is not optimal, the Bankcot’s interest rate can go up to 4.85 percent. If you have a weak or at least not so strong credit repayment ability, it may be worth your while to take a closer look at the Savings bank offer.

The best possible effective interest rate for 84 months (7 years) while running at 2.20 percent (monthly rate: 244.08 euros), however, it rises to a maximum of 3.89 percent. This is much better than, for example, the offer of the Tumo Bank.

Although the interest rate starts at 2.55 percent, it can climb to a maximum of 10.89 percent. Altogether, the high range of interest rates is striking at 19,000 euros.

You can easily find numerous offers, which want to have the best possible interest rate already more than four percent. Therefore, compare exactly.

The annual percentage rate is 3.95 percent (and may rise to 15.95 percent in the worst case scenario), which translates into a monthly rate of 191.29 euros. Even with a maturity of 120 months, the range of the initial interest rates and, even more so, the corresponding values ​​with a weak credit rating are very large.

For example, the General Public Officials Bank still offers a very good offer for 10 years with a maximum effective interest rate of 5.95 percent. The monthly rate would then be 208.98 euros.

As you can see, it is important that you strengthen your credit rating with, for example, a second borrower or a guarantor.

In addition, you should consider carefully whether it is not worth it for you to spend about 30 euros more a month. The rescheduling of 19,000 euros with a maturity of just 84 instead of 120 months, saves time and compound interest.

Due to the higher interest rates for the longer term, the rates are very close to each other.